Thoughts on stepping down as Eastern Canada Leather SIR 2011,The new ECLS/b 2012, and Leather family. (Updated pix Feb. 26)

One year ago, I was the one on stage and just a bit nervous.

Giving my contestants speech at ECLSb 2011

I am by nature an introvert. Although I am body proud, being in front of my peers in a jock was a new thing for me. Even doing this blog was a stretch as I’m by no means a writer. Having readers contact me out of the blue and thank me for what I have written, is what has kept this blog going. I have tried to keep this blog light and at times entertaining. I live by the motto that I take what I do seriously … I do not take myself seriously.


As we prepared for the year, I looked at what previous title holders had done. Not only the Eastern Canada Leather Sir/boy title holders but also the Mr. Toronto Leather (now TLP) and Mr. Leather Ottawa. I noticed a lot of great Leather folk giving their time, energy, their hearts, and souls. I also noticed a pattern where many had burnt out during their title year, some disappearing  in the middle of it, some taking a two-year break after it. One of my priorities was to not do that. I felt the community needed more long-term title holders. Most title holders, including myself, are type A personalities. I saw this as my greatest challenge. One of the advantages of also being boy iain’s title Sir and collar Sir, was to make sure he did not burn out either. We had many discussions – the most important was how we could and needed to  say NO.  I wanted to give the community a longer term of service than just our title year.

We were being given much advice on how we should be and how we should present ourselves. I asked boy iain how he would feel if we won Eastern Canada and International Leather SIR/boy based on what others thought we should be. We came to the conclusion that  we needed to be true to ourselves, and do what we do best. I also realized not all shared our way of thinking.  This is a illustration of how many see the Leather contests and contestants which will help to explain the differences.

How Some see Leather Contests

The above is not my personal experience, but unfortunately for some it is reality.

not your typical boy and Sir relationship

not your typical boy and Sir relationship

In my experience with the Leather SIR / boy competition, the first window would show Leather men who have the balls to stand up be proud and show others what they are all about whether its mainstream or not.

The second window reminded me of the offer I had during my competition from my back stage handler who offered to get down on his knees when I needed to take a piss. Not quite the grooming seen above.

The third window in my experience is the most inaccurate as the Judges I had  for both Eastern Canada and International Leather SIR had done their homework on me and knew what my challenges as Leather SIR would be and quizzed me on them.  The bottom left could not be further from the truth as our producers let us do whatever we wanted to do and


ILSB-fantasy branding boy iain’s ass

gave us what we needed to fly in our own way. The how we see ourselves did not fit as I’m definitely a Leather bear, and then there is how we really are – the most important thing not to forget. For me, that is why the Leather SIR and Leather boy competition was  the best fit for me. In the end there is only one frame that matters – which is to be who and what we are.   Don’t get me wrong, others who don’t know us may still see us as one of the above, but those who do know us have seen paddles in our hands, and using them. We are seen as the “Bad boys of Leather” and I’m damn proud of that. We talk it, we walk it, we teach it, and we live it.


As boy iain and I were preparing our step-down speeches,  we came to realize how much we had actually accomplished this year. To listen to boy iain’s step-down speech Click here>  boy iain Eastern Canada Leatherboy 2011 step-down speech. To listen to my step-down speech click here> Master Chuck Eastern Canada Leather SIR 2011 step-down speech.  A key highlight from my speech is how the profile of the Leather Sir/boy  has been raised in a different way this year by our Toronto Pride float which was seen by millions around the world, and by having over 1000 attend one or more of our 14 seminars at the 9 Leather /Kink events we attended. We have definitely left our visible marks on Our Leather Community and we have the pictures to prove it.

After seeing my experience over the past year, my partner of 26 years decided to enter this year’s competition – which theme was Retro.  He is into rough 1930 gangster style kidnappings, rough body, play hoisting, cement shoes, electro and the list goes on. Entering raised a few issues, as I was slated to be one of the judges. After several comical discussions with the producers of ECLSb of how to deal with Rocco entering, it was decided that I would not judge the SIRs and a 6th judge would be added so that I would only judge the boys and Master Tony International Leather SIR 2009 would only judge the SIRs.

I have to admit that being in this position was a difficult one as I purposely avoided giving Rocco any advantage  over other potential contestants.  With Rocco flying on his own, doing his own thing he surpassed the 70 percent required to go on to the next stage.  Seeing Rocco’s enthusiasm, the people who have now surrounded Rocco, and boy alex to help them compete at International Leather Sir in July is what Leather brotherhood is all about.

As I step down I want to take this time to thank all who have helped, and quite honestly suffered as a result of my title year.

First my Partner Rocco of 26 years, who has stood behind me and supported me through this year.  Here is a photo of us competing at Central Canada drummer in 1993.

After handing over my Eastern Canada Leather Title .... make sure the insurance is paid firt

Rocco and I after handing over my title “Is the life insurance all paid up??”


19 years later we are both grey, but still doing what we love to do.  As a token of my congratulations “The Boss” as he is known by my subs,  has now been alloted an extra 36 mm in the bed. I look forward to seeing him on stage at ILSB, once again showing the leather world that there is more to Leather than has been seen in previous years.

Alpha slave Eric being collared as my Alpha Slave June 2010

The second is my Alpha slave Eric who has been working behind the scenes picking me up at airports, and has seldom been seen in public due to his work schedule. As a result of my busier than normal schedule Alpha slave Eric has also missed many weekends with his Master … and has continuously had our playtime disrupted when I’m away at various Leather and Kink events. Your service, dedication and loyalty over the past year has not gone unnoticed.




My boy iain who was also my title boy this year who also worked  very hard behind the scenes not only serving the our Leather community but also serving me, his collar Sir. Having you as my boy(s) made this past year seem so easy. I also recognize that we have not had as much time to play as we should have and I’m very much  looking forward to spending time with you boy under my collar and my boots.




Master Scott's family

top row boy iain middle row boy craig Master Scott slave pup Bandit, bottom row boy nico

Master Scott, who has  been a title widow to boy iain. Always behind the scenes, with the help of his Alpha slave pup Kalen, boy craig, and boy nico, keeping us fed, watered, and on occasion on time all with a sense of twisted family humour, and Leather brotherhood. I greatly appreciate what you have done for us on the road and while invading the condo.



Sir Dan, myslef,slave joe and boy iain outside Stompers Boots during Dore Alley

Sir Dan who helped us prep for both ECLSb and ILSb, making suggestions, helping us understand the leather culture outside of our Region of Eastern Canada. Having your insights truly did help us to know what to expect while on the road and competing.

slave Joe and I outside Stompers

My slave Joe who at the time time of ILSb was a recently collared boy. slave Joe has really come a long way and has helped not only myself, boy iain, but all my family starting with 7 different pick ups and drop offs at the airport in San Fransisco , then assisting us in getting dressed and prepping for all the ILSB events. Have you ever seen the hotel commercial where the traveler just plops dead exhausted onto the bed? In my case, legs went up boots removed and was assisted with dressing  all without having to be told what to do.

grand boy matt being being ridden at the victory ball

boy matt has been the one taking care of my leathers, even coming up to Northern Ontario from Michigan to work on them, ok yes there was some play involved. Matt is also a bootblack title holder.







SIT David  who was instrumental in helping at Claw doing our fundraiser for Claw Charities, as well as assisting us during our Eastern Canada competition weekend.

To the rest of my Leather family Master Aaron, his slave Pup sniff and his boy joe ; SIT Andrew; Leather son Chris and Leather son Troy … Y/you have all made this past year easier, either by being flexible, lending a hand or an ear when needed … and picking up some slack here and there. I was not able to spend as much time with you as I would have liked, thank you again for standing by me.

My Leather Family in attendance at ECLSb 2012


A big thank you to my editor and former boy jim for helping make my blog readable and for being my first boy who started me on this journey.

To all of 7,869 readers of this blog around the world, seeing the map of the world where you are and  have taken the time to read about my Leather life, knowing that for some, it would be dangerous for them to attempt to have the Leather life that I have, and in some cases have put themselves at risk by reading my blog. Thank you all for your many comments personal stories and emails over the past year.

Readers one year after becoming Eastern Canada Leather Sir for 2011 and starting this blog

I also need to thank my local communities members of Sudbury and North Bay Ontario Canada. Those  have supported me and had way too many Munches canceled due to my busy schedule. In particular Master Bren’s slave aurora who picked up the munches in North Bay and kept them running. In Sudbury, Darkur Wolf and his slave for helping me with the Sudbury munches.

Now that my year is over, I look forward to spending more time with each of you.

Thanks again – its been a great year!

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