slave Joe

Last weekend my boy joe was re collared as my slave and will now be called slave Joe. I have heard many stories of how slaves cope when their former Master’s passing away. Here is a writing that slave Joe did which explains part of our process of Transferring of Ownership – Master to Master. My hope is that those of you that have lost your Masters or Sirs find hope in what slave Joe has written here and that life as a slave or boy can continue for you even under these very difficult circumstances.

“November 22, 2011
By Master Chuck’s slave Joe,
Transferring of Ownership – Master to Master

Transition: The process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

Master Dan

Master Dan

i had never released myself from my voluntary servitude to Master Dan.  Even with Master Dan’s passing my slave heart was still owned by Master Dan.


Master Chuck saw this within me, realizing that my journey with Him as my Sir required a process of transition. Master Chuck as my Sir prepared His boy joe over the past 2 years for this transition. A process not rushed but taking its time with an end goal in mind….to become Master Chuck’s slave Joe. With Master Chuck, i worked through the understanding a slave cannot give full submission and obedience to Two Masters. i first had to understand the gifts that my former Master gave me….the ability of submission and obedience to the right Master. Accepting that Master Dan prepared me to serve a new Master in the future as He knew my voluntary servitude could not end with Him.

However, this could not happen until the time was right for me. Over the past 2 years, i felt i had found my new Master in Master Chuck. For me to accept my place as Master Chuck’s slave Joe i first need to release myself from Master Dan. Master Chuck and i held an emotional transferring of ownership ceremony on Sunday, November 20, 2011 occurring 2 years from the passing of Master Dan and entering of Master Chuck into my life.

As part of the transferring of ownership, Sir had me bring Master Dan’s photo and His slave joe tag. i stripped down naked and kneeled before my Sir handing Sir the photo and slave joe tag. Looking into each other’s eyes W/we began.  i had never mourned the passing of my former Master after He passed away. Through Master Chuck i was able to finally do this within the arms of my new Master. A truly wonderful Master who held me as i kneeled before Him helping me release all that I had held deep inside enabling me to start my new journey with Master Chuck. Looking at Master Dan’s photo i thanked Him for the gifts that he gave me as His slave then i said its time for me to release myself so i can now fully serve Master Chuck as His slave. Master Chuck thanked Master Dan for preparing me in becoming Master Chuck’s slave. Both Master’s and slave’s eyes were tearing from the emotions of Master Chuck receiving ownership of Master Dan’s slave joe.

As i looked up into my Master’s eyes, Master Chuck unlocked the boy collar lock taking it hand and locking Master Dan’s slave joe tag to it. Putting it a side, Master presented His slave with Master’s slave collar lock. Master Chuck looking into my eyes asked me if i would be His slave Joe. my response was “Yes Master”. With that Master inserted the key to unlock the slave collar lock but as Master tried to turn the key it would not click open. With O/our emotions running high there was a level of disappointment as it seemed W/we could not completed what Master had set out to do this day.

i felt Master Chuck’s disappointment when the key would not open the slave collar lock. As Master’s slave i thought only what can i do or how can i serve to bring Master pleasure.

Master Chuck and slave Joe

The key was same for both the boy collar lock and slave collar lock so it should have worked. Even without being locked on my collar I knew i was Master Chuck’s slave Joe now. Master had given me joy and pleasure of becoming my Master and i as His slave wanted to return the pleasure. As W/we ended transferring ceremony i asked Master to see the lock which i took in my hand. As i held it, i reached for the lock key on my key chain wanting to try one more time to if the lock would open. Inserting the key i focused all my energy and thoughts to wanting the lock to open. i jiggled the key in the lock a couple times then gave it a turn hearing the ‘click’ as the lock opened in my hands. Master often mentions lines from the movie (Hairry Putter *) about the wand choosing the Wizard. In this case the slave lock chose the slave by having itself open in my hands with the words “slave Joe” and “Property of Master C” on each side of the lock. The smile and look on Master’s face said it all to me. This is what it’s about – a slave bringing pleasure to his Master. It was meant to be this way. Maybe not executed exactly the way Master may have planned it but the end goal was achieved in the way it was meant to be…the transition of ownership. I am now owned my Master Chuck.”

* intentionally misspelled to avoid having children accidentally find this blog.

Before I close this blog I have one more thing to add. Thank you Master Dan for the work you have done to prepare my slave for me. He will be well cared for.



boy joe and I have been chatting for over a year. During my birth day weekend boy joe finnaly visited. Long story short … Welcome to my family boy.

Now for his version of the story…..


Master Chuck and i during Dore Alley 2011

My experiences with leather, kink, bdsm has been a continual growing experience thanks to key Men in my life. I have been involved in the leather and bear communities for over 25 years. I served on the Board of Bears of San Francisco as the club’s treasure and organized several Bear Rendezvous events. Currently, I am an Associate Member of the 15 Association in San Francisco.


Born and raised in Philadelphia and currently living in San Francisco with my partner and husband of 24+ years.

In 1987, I met my partner, Joseph, at one of the bars in Philadelphia. He took me to my first leather bar called the Bike Stop introducing me to leather and the leather community. I instantly felt a connection and to the look, feel and smell of leather on a man. I learned a lot about leather through him.

I never thought of myself as a boy or slave. At age of 20 starting out with my partner, I was adamant about not being identified as a boy because of our 18 year age difference. Many assumed it was a Sir and boy relationship given this. I felt I was working too hard to become an adult and did not truly understand the meaning of the term boy at the time.

In 1994, my introduction to kink, bondage, bdsm was through a wonderful man,     DadBear Ed. He was a best friend as well as a trusted play buddy for over 10 years until his passing in 2005. My trust in Ed enabled me to let go, explore and submit. He will always be a part of me.

In 2006, I was collared a slave (non-live in) for 1 year to a Master living outside of Chicago. I never saw myself as a slave but Master Dan saw the potential within me and wanted me to learn and develop as His slave. Through Master Dan, I became connected with my submissive core, experiencing the intense connection of truly submitting and servicing a Master. To learn the Master’s Will and have it become a part of me, being reflected through my actions and behavior was powerful. I became a member of His Leather Family. I saw the positives and negatives which can occur within a Leather Family. The support between brothers can be amazing as well as jealously and competition can be destructive. All family members need to understand and accept the vision of the Master/Sir for His Leather Family. It only takes one individual’s jealously and competition to destroyed something special and unique. I learned a lot about myself from Master Dan until his passing in 2009.

At the end of 2009, I became aware of Master Chuck and His Leather Family. Sir and I exchange emails allowing us to get to know each other better. At the time, Sir was very busy and up front that He was not taking on any more subs. I was okay with this as I was not sure what I was not looking for nor ready to embark on another M/s or D/s journey. However, my communications with Sir allowed me to share my past experiences with Sir. Sir’s listening and input was a big help in my dealing with unresolved feelings and thoughts about being a submissive and slave.

In June 2011, during Master Chuck’s birthday weekend I finally spent time with Sir. Being with Sir felt right as it allowed me to reconnect with my submissive core enabling me to give Sir my submission. That weekend Sir gave me a temporary boy collar to signify that my journey will be with Master Chuck.

Welcome home boy

On July 31st  2011, Master Chuck and i  signed a 2 year boy contract recognizing and accepting my servitude to Sir. I am proud and honored to be Master Chuck’s boy joe and a part of His Leather Family. I look forward to learning and growing as a submissive based on Master Chuck’s perspective, knowledge and experience.