Master Scott

Master Scott started out in my leather family as a collared boy.   He was first collared to me in January 2004, became my Alpha boy and then a Sir-in-Training in May and November 2006 respectively.   After journeying together for over three years, a mutual decision was made between us, and he was released from his collar in May 2007.   Moments after releasing him from his collar, I presented him to his Leather Family and to other members of the extended leather community as a Sir in his own right.    On June 19, 2010 as a part of a Leather Family celebration, my Leather Family and I presented Sir Scott with his Master’s cover, and he was presented as Master Scott for the first time.

Master Scott on the day of his covering as he’s beginning a collaring ceremony for his slave-pup.
Master Scott has been blessed to be part of the journey of a number of unique leathermen – boy Peter, boy Matt, and his current

top row Master Scott's his partner Iain middle boy craig, Master Scott slave pup Bandit bottom boy nico


slave-pup Kalen/Bandit , boy craig, and most recent boy nico.

Each of them has taught him a lot about himself and he counts himself lucky that they chose him to be a part of their lives.    He has also been involved in educating others within the Leather community through presentation of seminars and workshops, as well as one-on-one mentoring and teaching.