Michigan LeatherSIR/boy

boy iain did such a great job here it is in its entirety from his blog.

Master Chuck, International Leatherboy 2010 boy Ian and I drove over 1,000 km between Toronto, Hamilton, Detroit and Canton to attend Michigan LeatherSIR/Leatherboy competition held at the Hayloft Saloon.

We picked up ILSb Ian around 1:15pm and we were soon on our way stopping along the way.

It took a good hour to get through Customs.  Ever since being pulled over at Port Huron a few years ago, I’ve always preferred to take the Ambassador Bridge.  I’ll take Port Huron if it really makes sense to take that route.

We dropped Ian off at the hotel, and Sir and I were off to drop our stuff off with my former boy, and a boy who is currently in a mentoring relationship with Sir.

We got to the Hayloft on time for the first part of the contest – scenes.  Rather than going with a fantasy scene, the boys were put through an actual play scene.

First up boy Jeff with Sir Merrill putting the boy through a shrink wrap bondage scene and then using flash cotton twice on the boy.  Very hot – literally and figuratively.  Such a hot furry boy!

Next was boy Jim with his partner Bob who apparently had shown up “unprepared” to do a scene, and Bob put him in his place for showing such disrespect to the organizers.  A nice hot ass turned red with audience participation!  *GRIN*

That was a lot of fun!

Soon after, Sir, decked out in His brown leathers, wanted to head over to the R&R Saloon to check things out.  I believe it was his first time there.  Soon after, I broke His White Castle virginity (He was more interested in the conveyor belt system than the burgers LOL!).

The next day we met up at the Hayloft for the interview portions.  Much thanks to Sir Merrill and the team behind MILSb for the goodies in thanks for our time.  Totally not expected, thank You!

I must say thank you to International LeatherSIR 2010, Sir Hugh.  Two of the questions I have were inspired by Him.  ”BARK”!

International Pizza Deliverboy Ian

The other judges included Trooper (Head Judge),  Bryon Hayes (Mr. Leather Michigan 2010), Ms. Pandora – who I had worked with on LLC XIV; and International Leatherboy 2010, Ian, who was representing not only service but also Pizza Delivery boys as International Pizza Deliverboy 2011 – Hot n’ Ready as evidenced by the picture to the right. *GRIN*

I can’t forget to mention the ever so hot, the Bearish, Mr. Michigan Leather David German as Tally Master.  *DROOL*

Special thanks to Master Chuck for His time taking photos for us during both the interviews and also during the contest.

A couple of hot Leatherboys – Jim (left) and Jeff (right)


Later that night was the final stage of the contest – Speech, Leather Image and Jock; hosted by Mr. Friendly‘s Dad, Dave Watt.

But not without boy Ian and I belting out our rendition of “Losing My Mind” as inspired by Liza Minnelli and Pet Shop Boys; some Dead or Alive and Information Society’s “What’s on your mind (Pure Energy) – Specifically the 12″ Club Mix for the judges.  Please don’t take our titles away!

I gotta say, the boys are hot!  One fur ball (YUM!) and one rambunctious muscle-Bear-pup-boy (YUM!).

In the end:

  • boy Jim won the title of Michigan Leather boy – congratulationss and good luck at Great Lakes LeatherSir/Leatherboy!!!!
  • boy Jeff put himself in front of a community that took notice, and he has made some amazing new contacts both in Michigan and in Toronto.  A great learning experience for him and we look forward to seeing him on his journey in leather, but also representing Leatherboys in the near future.
  • International Leather boy Ian got a good flogging by Dave Watt and Sir Merrill (HOT!)
  • A rather hot Michigan title holder got mauled by a couple of Leather Bears from Canada.  Can’t think who was involved. *GRIN*

Thank you Detroit and Michigan for a great weekend!

Detroit’s Leather scene is undergoing a huge rebuilding exercise given not only the economy in the United States but also just the general economy of Detroit and Michigan over the past few years.

Detroit forms an important part of my Leather upbringing given my second boy was from Detroit.  I was also invited to co-chair the Leather Leadership Conference XIV Great Lakes/Ontario building a bridge between Michigan and Ontario; Detroit and Toronto.

The Detroit Leather Community has had its share of setbacks and struggles over the past several years—many of the bars that supported us have closed; our leather clubs are facing dwindling memberships; less and less of our Community members are going out anymore. To many inside and outside our Community, it appears that Detroit has no Leather Community anymore. We know this is not the reality of the situation and it is time we came together to prove it—to show everyone that the Detroit Leather Community is still alive and strong.

I am happy to support LeatherUNITED which will be held on Saturday, April 2, 2011 from 9 AM to 1 AM at the Kinkdom, 3650 Michigan Avenue, Detroit, MI, next to Hygrade Restaurant & Deli.  LeatherUNITED is not a fundraiser. Leather UNITED is not a bar night. LeatherUNITED is an invitation to all of the Detroit Leather Community and their friends to come together and support that which we love.

Next trip for Sir and me: CLAW – And by the way, the Friday of CLAW (April 29th) is my birthday.  I sense a fundraiser. *GRIN*

The Judges
Mr. Michigan Leather 2011
With boy matt – North American Boot Black 2008
The Canadia(i)ns
(top) Bryon Hayes, Ms. Pandora, Trooper, David German (bottom) boy iain, boy Jim, boy Ian
ECLSb 2011 have left the building