International Leatherboy 2011 Bryson “Pup Nitro” Hankinson

International Leatherboy 2011 Bryson “Pup Nitro” Hankinson

Good afternoon brothers and sisters in Leather. My name is Bryson Hankinson but many of you know me by a much more intimate name, pup Nitro. In 2004 I was leaving a D/s relationship that was emotionally and physically abusive in which I was given no voice of my own. Almost five years ago, I had the honor of being collared by Sir Alan Penrod. Soon after, I was given my pup name of “pup NITRO” meaning “Needs Intense Torture to Reach Orgasm”. Today I am humbled to be standing on this stage in front of you all, and I am truly honored to be sharing this stage with the man that helped me find the strength inside to rebuild myself to where I am today.
Sir Alan taught me that even as a sub I can still have a strong, yet respectful, voice within my community and I can help lead. This is a concept that in the beginning was very foreign to me, but I now embrace this empowerment openly. My goal is to help others who felt the same way as I did in 2004, beaten and alone, learn to stand up and have their voice heard. My hope is that I can help even one sub within the community find the voice that is in their heart, and help them to use it with strength and respect to warrant a change in their life and in their community.
I want to thank you very much for this opportunity today, and to Sir Alan I would like to thank you for taking a chance on a 22 year old boy who’s young head and heart needed a guiding hand.
I love you Sir.