Media and Podcasts

I was interviewed in February of 2011 for The Dark Side episode 41 about my life and my rather large Leather family. Have a listen .

Other Family Member related podcasts:

grand slave pup kalen  was interviewed on The Dark Side episode 77 about his human life  and being puppy

boy iain was also interviewed on two topics The Gay leather Community  as well as my Leather Family

On February 2oth 2011, J.J. Deogracias, a Leathermen here in Toronto, interviewed boy iain and I for

Part 1: Canadians do it better in a sleeping bag.

Part 2: Explaining the fantasy… it’s the simplest things you can use

Part 3: …going to Disneyworld…

Thank you JJ and Leatherati!  Definitely one of many highlights from this weekend.