slave-pup Kalen

Master Scott’s slave-pup Kalen, was collared in June 2010, he brings many nose licks and joy to his Masters life. i am also Master Scott’s pup Bandit, as a very cute and very innocent husky-pup. i believe in serving my Master, and am deeply honored and proud to be allowed to do so, and believe my Masters dishes are cleaner because of it.

Master Scott’s slave-pup Kalen

i am very Service-oriented, obedient (grins), respectful, and committed to those i call family.. it is in my nature to serve and i serve Master with all i am, as i continue my growth on my Leather path, i am honored to have the family helping me along my path. i am currently the youngest member (at 25) of Master Chuck’s family and honored to be a member of it.