Western Canada Leatherboy 2011 Rene

Honored judges, fellow contestants, ladies and gentlemen, my name is boy rene, and I’m a sick and twisted fuck.

I like my beer cold, and my piss hot. I like hot wax, and cold ice. But most of all, I like my sex nasty, stick, and leaving me so sore and tired I can feel it for a week.

But lately, I’m finding myself wondering, “Where did the sex go?”

I’m finding that many Leatherfolk these days are more interested in protocols, values, and a laundry list of rules then they are in the kinky, naughty fun that’s had in the play room!

For me, things like honesty, integrity, and respect are things I look for in anyone that I would want to get to know and befriend, not just in a Leatherman.

The Leather I signed up for is for nasty sex, cigar smoke, and the taste of leather with old sweat, piss and cum stains on it.

I’m not interested in whether or not someone else considers me Leather based on some imaginary “Leatherman’s checklist”.

Values and protocol have their place, but I don’t believe that they should ever overshadow the fun and the kinky sex that we’ve all come to love and embrace.

So I’m really left with one question: When did which hand a boy hand his Sir a drink with become more important then how hard that boy makes his Sir’s cock in the play room?

Thank you.

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