Master Chuck Eastern Canada Leather Sir 2011’s speech

I have been asked by a few of the attendees of ILSb/ICBB if they could have a copy of my speech. Here it is or at least the written version of it.


Honoured Judges, Ladies & Gentlemen, fellow Sirs, fellow Masters, boys, slaves and let’s not forget the title holder widowers

I am frequently asked why I live in a smaller community in Northern Ontario, and how I could possibly live a full Leather life with the closest Leather bar 5 hours away.

Imagine waking up with a river steaming outside my door.

Imaging waking up a black bear sprawled out across the highway waiting for the next sandwich.

Imagine seeing a young cub sitting on his ass playing in the muck.

Imagine seeing a yearling bull strutting his stuff knowing he will fuck for the first time in the fall.

Imagine the excitement of a boy when he sees a Sir online who is coming to his community of 100 and is looking for a boy to serve for the night.

Imagine the look on his face when he is kneeling in front of his first fully clad Leather Sir.

Imagine his first deep breath of Leather and Sir.

Imagine that same boy traveling 3, 5, 7, even 16 hours to be with his new Sir.

Imagine a boy’s first flogging, chained between two trees, with only his Sir, the stars, and the howling of a pack of wolves under a full moon.

Imagine a boy signing his first contract in the presence and support of his new leather family.

Imagine that boy becoming a Sir and having boys of his own, passing on my Leather DNA.

Imagine that boy becoming a slave pegged to the ground, branding iron in the fire, and his ass in the air waiting to be marked by his Master.

I do visit the bigger cities and stir up a fuck of a lot of fun with my boys and slaves, but if you ask why I don’t move to a bigger city, I’ll just smile and tell you about my journey as a small town Leather Sir.

As a small city leatherman I have different experiences and perspectives on leather, which I hope to share with all of you as your international leather Sir

These and many more experiences are what I could bring to international leather Sir

I’m Master Chuck Eastern Canada Leather Sir 2011