Mr. Leather Ottawa, Seminars, Friends, Electro-Torture and A Few Photos

On Nov 11, 12 & 13 I attended Mr. Leather Ottawa’s Techno Kink Weekend with my boy iain and my SIR in Training Sir David. It was a great opportunity to spend some time catching up with old friends, acquaintances and former boys.

This year boy iain and I taught electro-play and electro-torture. I have come to realize I enjoy teaching, sharing, and making eyes light up when participants see what they have fantasized about happen in front of them.

When we teach our Electro seminar we go through the various toys and safety rules NEVER ABOVE THE WAIST and how to isolate from the power grid. After the general presentation to the full group, the group was then split into two distinct tracts. boy iain does E-Stimulation and I do Electro-torture. This time around I used a Lady Wolf’s boy as a demo bottom.

I suspect the worst part for my demo subs is my twisted humor, the first part coming up to the nude exposed demo bottom with  a cattle prod so that he can hear the buzz to which of course he reacts (so do the seminar attendees), then putting the cattle prod directly on his balls without warm up or advance notice, looking him in the eyes and saying “tell me to turn it on boy”. Watching him swallow and with some residual fear in his eyes and saying “please turn it on Sir”.

He hears the buzz so does the crowd, then I say  that it’s only my dummy one, wanna try a real one…

I point out to the audience that to many electricity is feared and can als0 be used as a major mind fuck.

The demo bottom was then fastened to my CBT bondage chair in such a way that there was still much movement. Part of my seminar shows how to make your own electrodes at a fraction of the cost of store bought, This also fits in to electro torture interrogation scenes as it looks very crude and better simulates a hostage interrogation scene.

In this case braided wires similar to that which can be extracted from old cable TV cable was used. Balls wrapped in such a way to separate them with the equivalent of a shoe lace, then each nut had wire braid wrapped around them forming two electrodes. Then my Kareeouchi also known as SOUNYPlaistationOuch (note I have intentionally misspelled this to avoid kids from googling my blog) was hooked up. The unit is basically a microphone, a “souny home stereo amplifier and a special box I have made which steps up the voltage when connected to the speaker terminals for you geek out there look up 70 v speaker systems.

Now the evil part, the first question to his surprise was “did you ever have the clap” … for those of my generation, its the same as asking in public have you ever had the a sexually transmitted disease, to which of course he replied “NO Sir”, to which I said to the audience “Well in that case lets give him the clap”. Holding the microphone forward, I got the attendees to clap their hands … of course he responded with spasms. As with all subs, he has a birthday which in this case was about a month ago. Having forgotten his SIR’s and his anniversary it was a great opportunity for payback. Lady Wolf and all sang happy birthday to YOU, to much more squirming. Then the boy was presented with a cupcake with two candle and told to blow them  out. Of course the microphone with the amplifier cranked was placed just behind the candles. Despite this he was able to blow them out and almost pushed himself off the ground …… YUM. Houston, we have partial lift off.

Participants were also shown how easy it is to make or pervert electrodes. A garage sale cutting board once washed and sanitized can be covered with metal duct tape with a wire attached to the handle becomes a electrode that can be put under butt cheeks, under bare feet for standing, a lint trap used for washing machines to prevent drains from clogging looks like a condom that you could roll onto a dick. Scouring pads used for cleaning dishes can be fitted under butt cheeks, and when used with a butt plug can cause involuntary self fucking. Metal chip bag clips are great for ball sac attachments. Metal filleting gloves give that hands-on touch to your play.

At dollar stores you frequently find copper and brass “steel wool”.  The way its supplied makes it easy to use like a ball stretcher … The list can go on and on – the only restriction is your imagination and conductivity and of course never above the waist.

One of the items that most also find expensive is electro conductive gel, a simple solution is to use lube – a non silicone is preferred, the trick is to add salt. For a 16 oz bottle I recommend 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of salt dissolved in 1-2 teaspoons of warm water then thoroughly mixed into the bottle of lube. Be sure to label the bottle, as fucking with salted lube is sure to burn.

During the rest of the seminar I concentrated on the use and managing of 3 different cattle prods, how they differ in manufacturing and circuitry and the differences on how they feel as a result. I also showed how to warm up a sub by creating voltage dividers with hankies and showing how a prod can be modified to reduce the voltage, making some of them adjustable.

The second seminar I presented was titled Risk Management Is Not Only For The Workplace. In this seminar several participants were guided through risk management theory and then risk managed a typical day to day scenario involving typical home dungeon spaces and real life.

If you have a interest in electro play or electro torture please feel free to contact me.

Unfortunately most of the photos did not turn out – here are the ones that were recoverable.

More photos will be available soon on the MLO website. When they are up, I will post a direct link here.

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