Are you curious? Are you adventurous? Are you inexperienced? Are you experienced?

SLAGMen 2018 – August 16th to 23rd in Northern Ontario, Canada

If you are any of the above, come join a wonderful group of men at SLAGMen for a weekend/week August 16th to 23rd 2018 for fun in the outdoors and indoors especially when it comes to BDSM/Kink play.

In 2017, Thanks to Master Chuck and His band of kinky ‘slave’ laborers a new play area called Cabin 4.2 was set up and tested with great success. The perfect place with the right amount equipment (St. Andrews Cross, Bondage Chair, Bondage Table, Spank Bench & Sling) and gear (toys that make you go ah, ooh, and ow) to satisfy all your pent up urges. Here are a few photos of Cabin 4.2 so you have an idea of what is possible, of course we want to see where you mind can take your mentally and physically as you look below.


Cabin 4.2 with appropriate mood lighting


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