Being Master’s slave

As the month of June approaches i realize it will be 6 years since i made my first visit to Master Chuck.  Traveling from San Francisco to Sudbury to meet Master in person was a huge risk but it was best thing for me. Within a few hours together, W/we knew O/our journey together as Master and slave had begun.

Through my service to Master Chuck, 1st as His boy and now as His slave, i have learned and grown a lot. Being Master Chuck’s slave does not mean i need to be less then i am. In fact, Master requires me to be the best i can be for Him and myself. Master’s #1 Rule – “Protect My Property”,

There are some really great posting on tumblr about being in a Master / slave relationship. The one below connected to me on how i feel about myself in my service to my Master. i have made some edits to the posting to reflect my situation.

Master – Thank You for Your guidance, dominance and love over the years.


A slave should always strive to be the best he can be, in and out of service to his MASTER.

he is his own self, his own man before he gives of his free will to become owned property. It’s that “value” that makes him desirable to his MASTER. Staying strong with a healthy body and mind is essential to being the best he can be for his Master. Knowing he is to keep his Master’s property safe and in condition for use. 

Bright and assertive slaves are very far and few between. Day to Day Life factors will happen but those issues need to be discussed to keep the slaves’ mind focused on my Master’s Will and the MASTER/slave connection healthy.

It is the most rewarding, extreme and deep relationship humans can experience together when kept physically and emotionally strong.

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