Tease 2012 BDSM Camping Convention July 12-16 Moved to Near London, Ontario, Canada

This year at there will be 5 of our Leather family members at TEASE to help with the workshop schedule. As a group we will be presenting 7 of the 17 workshops happening at the event.

As hinted to in his interview in “The Dark Side” Podcast, Master Scott and his alpha-slave pup kalen will be presenting puppy play.

DanM (Twisted Teddy bear) will be doing a workshop on cock sucking. An awesome opportunity to pick up some cock sucking skills and techniques.  If he needs a demo top I’m Game !!

Leather Son Chris will be presenting for the first time on the topic of Cigar Service and Cigar Play. A form of play that is being seen less and less in the Pan-Kink community due to the strict smoking laws, and party rules that do not allow “play” out side the venue in the smoking area.

I will be repeating  the very popular “Risk Management is Not Only for the Workplace workshop” , as well as workshops on “Long Distance Relationships”, “Long Term BDSM relationships” making them work and “Exit Plan” AKA retirement planning for Doms workshop geared towards the reality of becoming an aging Dom/sub and how that affects your kink.

That’s just what’s happening there from the members of my family. There are many other great workshops, demo’s, and play to be had. The workshop schedule can be found here You  can also register for the event on the main site.

If you’re a reader of this blog and you will be attending Tease 2012 please track me down some time during the weekend and say hi.


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