How a Boot’s Journey Can Bring a Leather Family Together

Master Chuck has a large Leather Family spread throughout Canada and United States.

Alpha slave Eric’s new Corcoran Boots

Master supports and encourages us to connect with each other. While we use different ways to connect – chatting online, texts, phone calls, visits and family/leather events, sometimes a different way of connecting presents itself.

Leveraging an opportunity like this can bring family members closer together. i know being a part of Master Chuck’s Leather Family has been a very rewarding experience for me.

Recently, i had the opportunity to serve both my Master and my Alpha slave brother in a way that was a lot of fun, more then just a duty or an obligation. Due to circumstance i became the courier for Alpha slave Eric’s new Corcoran boots. Left up to my own devices, i decided these boots needed to see a little more of the world before they were turned over to their owner.

Here is the story with photos of the boots journey from United States to China and to Canada making it a special experience, creating memories for all to enjoy. There are few quotes from the boots themselves. Enjoy!

Boot’s Travel Map

Alpha slave Eric’s boot journey history
• CLAW, Cleveland, OH – boots ordered on 4/28/12
• Martinsburg, PA – shipped from Corcoran to San Francisco 2,670 miles / 4,295 km
• San Francisco, CA to Vancouver, BC – first flight 950 miles / 1,530 km
• Vancouver, BC to Shanghai, China – second flight 5,620 miles / 9,045 km
• Shanghai, China to Toronto, ON – third flight 7,130 miles / 11,470 km
• Toronto, ON to Sudbury, ON – final flight 240 miles / 385 km

Back in April, with Master’s permission Alpha slave Eric ordered a pair of Corcoran Boots at CLAW. The boots had to be shipped to him but the postage to Canada from the United States was an added fee so instead they were to be sent to slave Joe in San Francisco, CA.

Since boy iain was to be in San Francisco, CA for a work conference, it was anticipated that he would pick up and deliver the boots up to Sudbury, ON based on visiting Master first. The boots arrived prior to boy iain’s visit. i was ready to hand the boots off but it turned out that boy iain would not be able to get up to Sudbury before i would in mid-June.

The boots remained in my hands for a little awhile longer. However, to deliver them they first had to go on a journey with me. The boots become my traveling companions on a business and pleasure trip. Below are photos of the boots enjoying a journey like no other.

These boots have more air miles on them then they could ever get with walking miles. Mmm, knowing Alpha slave Eric, he is up for the challenge to see how may miles the new boots can walk.

Bro, i wish you many walking miles of happiness in your new boots. i enjoyed having a part of you with me as my traveling companion.

In Obedience and Submission to my Master
Master Chuck’s slave Joe

Photo 2 – A quick layover

Photo 1 – Boots ready to fly
Boots “Sure – the slave gets to enjoy a lie-flat seat while i am kept in a box in the overhead bin. Its not all champagne and mile high fun up in the bin.”

Photo 3 – Home for the next 10 days

Photo 4 – Relaxing on a Sunday Morning
Boots “More like taking a ransom photo. Help – i was being held hostage”

Photo 5 – Shanghai (Pudong) Skyline

Photo 6 – Traveling buddies sharing a beer
Boots “He was trying to take advantage of me”

Photo 7 – PVG to YYZ, 14 hours in the air

Photo 8 – Arrived safely to YYZ
Boots “Let out after 14 hours of being up in the overhead bin again”

Photo 9 – Boot Attack w/ boy iain

Photo 10 – Alpha slave Eric putting the boots on the first time
Boots “A wonderful journey but I am happy to finally be with my owner. Hmm, I guess I have 2 Owners; Alpha slave Eric and Master Chuck – Nice!”

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