Boot Camp 27 – Hot, Hot, Hot!

Hot Men, Hot Play and Hot Temperatures – Over 38 C / 100 F

We enjoyed attending our 1st 15 Association’s Boot Camp weekend. Over the 5 days we got to know many of the attendees – 15 Members and Guest. The weekend was filled with 3 delicious meals a day, activities and free time to play and relax. Most of the relaxing was in the cool waters of the pool given the afternoon temperature went over 38 C / 100 F on a couple of days.

The weekend is held in a beautiful valley that is private. Several type of sleeping accommodations where available – Large Cabins, Individual Cabins, Large Bunkhouse and Camp Site. We chose to camp, setting up the tent underneath a several large trees near the pool, hot tub and shaded outdoor play area. We were able to run an extension cord from the pool area to the tent so there would be power for lights and fan. The fan really helped move the air around in the tent during the day and night. A night the temperature cooled down enough to make snuggling under a light comforter possible.


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